Frequently Asked Questions 

How Strong is the Crochet Jewellery, Will it Last?

The gold and silver wire is hand crocheted and therefore must be flexible to a degree.
Crochet jewellery is a luxury form of jewellery and does require a certain level of extra care to ensure it remains as beautiful as the day it was made. Information on how to prevent damage and on how to care for the jewellery can be found on this website or for more specific help please send your questions along to us via the Contact Us page.

In general, if treated with care, a piece of crochet jewellery can last you a lifetime.

What is Gold Filled?

Gold Fill is the term used to describe a type of gold metal that is used for jewellery.
It is a thick layer of 14K gold rolled over a base core metal of lesser value such as copper. It is distinctly different to gold plated metal, as the outer layer of gold is at least 100 times thicker meaning that it will not wear out and is even thick enough for engraving. Gold filled jewellery has a number of benefits; with a 14K gold layer it is identical to solid 14K gold, it can be engraved just like solid gold, yet it is a more affordable alternative to solid gold.